HIFU Versus Surgery

Here is a summary of the main differences between a HIFU face lift and a surgical face lift:


Is it invasive? Cost? Recovery Time Risks How well does it work? How long does it last?
HIFU Non-invasive, no incisions £300 None, there is no downtime None, side effects include redness and swelling In a study, 94% of clients said that their face had been lifted after a 3 month period One to two years
Surgical face lift An invasive procedure with incisions and stitches Over £5,000 2-4 weeks All the standard surgical risks including the risk of the anaesthetic,  bleeding, infection, pain and scarring. In a study, 98% of people said the results met or exceeded their expectations. Results last longer with face lifts, with results remaining satisfactory for an average of 10 years.